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Stud Bolts

We offer a full line of threaded steel rod and stud products in Carbon, Alloy and Stainless Steels, including ASTM A193 Grades B7, B7M, B8 (304 SS), B8M (316 SS). B8T, B8C,B8MX, B8TX, B16 etc. A320 L7, L7M, A453 660A, 660B, 660C. A325 and A490


Patriot Bolt can manufacture any fastener in any commercially available material.  Common designs include socket head cap screws (SHCS), Hex Head Bolts, Tap Bolts, Metric Fasteners, Specialty Thread Patterns, Tap End and Double End Stud Bolts

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We can provide gaskets in a variety of configurations including Spiral Wound, Kammprofile, Corrugated Metal Gasket, Ring Type Joint (RTJ) gaskets, Isolation gasket kits, Fiber Reinforced, Non-Asbestos Gaskets and soft cut materials in any configuration.  

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Specialty Machined Fasteners and Components

Patriot Bolt and Supply specializes in custom machined fasteners produced to customer print.  Available in a variety of commercially available materials such as B7, B7M, 660, Inconel, Monel, B8 and B8M, the possibilities in design, thread pitch, size and configuration are limitless. Please contact us for a quotation and fast turnaround on custom parts.

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Premium Thread Lubricant

Available in a variety of base metal compounds, thread lubricant and anti-seize compounds to meet any need.  A variety of formulas are available to aid in frictional characteristics, anti-corrosion and anti-seizing capability.  Our Flagship lubricants are made by TS Moly and we proudly offer Moly B and Nickel 328 compounds for the most critical applications

Belleville Washers (Conical Spring Washers)

Belleville washers (also known as coned-disc springs, conical spring washers, disc springs, Belleville springs, and cupped spring washers) have a distinct conical shape that gives these washers their load characteristics. Our standard series Belleville washers are made from carbon steel and stainless steel for high performance use. 

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U-Bolts /Coated U-Bolts
and PB Rod Pipe Support Material

Patriot Bolt provides high-quality coated U-Bolts for oil & gas applications. We offer custom standard and custom coated U-Bolts™ at competitive prices, with quick turnaround and same-day shipping for many products.

Our U-Bolts are designed to provide superior performance in corrosive and moist environments, which protects process pipe support points in refineries, chemical plants, and offshore platforms. In these environments, uncoated U-bolts and pipes corrode, leading to weaknesses in the pipe walls and leaks.

Patriot Bolt also provides custom PB Rod pipe support pad materials that prevent corrosion due to the crevice created between the pipe and beam.  Available in half round configuration or cut and drilled to match the U-Bolt Pattern.

Replacement Parts for FSI Filters (formerly a division of Pall Corporation)

Patriot manufactures and stocks a variety of replacement parts for FSI filter vessels including:

  • Perforated Metal Filter Baskets in a variety of metallurgies

  • Seals and Gaskets from EPDM, Buna and Viton

  • Eye Nuts and Eye Bolts in B7 and stainless steel

  • Nuts and Washers in carbon and stainless steel

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